Hire Professional Help

We cannot recommend any specific companies to assist you with your squirrel issue. We encourage you to do it yourself if possible, to save money, and to hopefully do it correctly, in a humane manner. But if you need professional assistance, please follow the below guidelines for hiring an ethical service contractor:

1. Hire a company that deals only with wildlife. Pest control companies, who kill insects, do not perform proper wildlife control services.
2. Ask if the company ever uses poisons in their work. If the answer is yes, do not hire them.
3. Ask if the company inspects the house, roof, and INSIDE THE ATTIC to identify squirrel presence and entry holes.
4. Ask of the company performs repairs to keep all squirrels outside.
5. Ask if they use one-way exclusion doors or funnels. This is far superior to cage trapping.
6. Ask if they are available on weekends to address any wildlife concerns, such as a trapped animal in a cage.

How To Hire An Ethical Wildlife Removal Professional – What Questions To Ask
Unfortunately, not all wildlife removal professionals have the same values. While most take the interests of the animal to heart and do their best to ensure humane treatment, this cannot be said of everyone. Before hiring a professional to get wildlife out of your home, you should always take the time to ensure they are ethical as well as qualified. To help you weed through the options, ask these questions.

Do You Ever Use Poison?
Start by asking the companies the most important questions, such as whether they ever use poison to get rid of animals. If a company ever answers this question positively, skip them and move on. Poison should never be used to take care of wildlife since it is not only inhumane but ineffective. The animal will suffer a slow and painful death and you will have to find the dead body, both of which pose problems. This question can easily weed out the companies you definitely want to avoid.

What Do You Do If Young Wildlife Are Present?
You should also ask the professional what they do in the case of baby wildlife. Respectable, ethical companies and individuals will be aware of the birthing seasons for each animal in your area and have a plan in place. They will be able to tell you which species are protected and can’t be removed until they have grown up. They will also guarantee that if babies are present, the mother and young will always stay together. Separating the two would be inhumane and lead to death for the defenseless young.

What Do You Do With Trapped Animals?
Most wildlife removal professionals will rely on a combination of exclusion and trapping with relocation to take care of the animals on your property, depending on the situation and specific animal. If the company you select does any sort of trapping, be sure you know what they do with the animals afterwards. Do they kill the animal? Do they release it nearby? No matter what the company does, they should follow local regulations and always perform their actions in a way that is humane for the animal to minimize stress and suffering.

Are You Licensed And Insured?
Whether or not your main concern is ethics, you should only hire a wildlife removal professional that is licensed as well as insured. The license allows them to work in your specific area of the country while the insurance protects you against unforeseen costs associated with injuries or damage to your property.