Squirrels in the Attic

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Squirrel Removal Pro New Orleans is a professional pest control company that provides nuisance squirrel removal services in New Orleans, LA. We humanely solve conflicts between people and squirrels, most commonly in the attics or walls of homes. We are a full-service nuisance wildlife control company servicing the greater New Orleans region. We provide both residential and commercial services, and are fully licensed and insured in Louisiana. In solving pest squirrel conflicts, we utilize a full array of services, from humane trapping and relocation, to squirrel prevention and damage repairs, to dead squirrell removal, attic cleanup, and more. We offer competitive pricing and the best service in New Orleans. Every situation is different, so give us a call at 504-784-6468 now to discuss your wild animal problem, and get a price quote over the phone. We answer our phones 24-7-365, work on weekends, and can usually schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to solve your squirrel problem!

How to keep squirrels out of my garden
Squirrels can often bring laughter and smiles to humans. This is because they have cute faces and furry bodies. They also have an acrobatic nature which can be very entertaining.However, when gardeners discover that their vegetable plots have been dug out and their tomatoes were consumed, many people are beginning to realize that these little critters should be kept out of the garden as much as possible. The rule that states "keep the squirrels out" is not only limited to gardeners, they also apply to homeowners as well.

The Squirrels' Diet
Squirrels often feed on birdseeds, pine nuts, berries, fruits, and tree buds. Squirrels are part of the rodent family. Just like rats, they have long incisor teeth that keep growing when they are not chewing on anything.

Squirrel Activities
Shallow spots on your garden can be a sign that a squirrel has activities inside your property. They commonly dig holes that are about the size of golf balls. Squirrels are responsible for unearthing newly planted seeds. Squirrels are picky eaters and would prefer seeds and fruits over the food that they can get from garbage cans. You can consider half-eaten fruits with plenty of bite marks as squirrels' doing. Sometimes, they eat whole fruits of squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and eggplants. They also eat perennial plants including their leaves. If there are missing fruits, they can be considered as a culprit.

Squirrels will also dig for potted plants. These can include herbs, flowers, and veggies. They can hide seeds and nuts on newly planted herbs. They can also accidentally unearth potted plants when they come back for their nuts and seeds.If vegetables are not available, squirrels can opt for flowers instead. You might notice that half-consumed petals of daisies in your garden. Most of the flowers will also have a missing center disk. These signs will tell you that squirrels are having a feast in your garden when you are not around.

How to Keep Them Out
You should remove any attractions inside your property in order to keep them out. A clean yard can help a lot in keeping the squirrels out. You can also use bait that can lead to cages. You might want to plant extra cucumbers or sunflowers near the traps. You can keep a pet that can scare squirrels away. A pet cat or a pet dog will do the job just fine. You can train your dog to chase any critter that it would encounter.

Guard your plants and vegetables with chicken wire. Protect your eggplants and tomatoes by putting a bird net around them. Squirrels love to eat ripe fruits. You can wrap the ripe ones and ignore the green ones. If you have to trap the squirrel and relocate it, you should check your state laws first. If you are having trouble protecting your garden, call for help. A professional can be the most convenient and easiest way to remove the squirrels. They also know what to do with the critters. Call one today.