Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrel Removal Pro Westchester

Westchester County Animal Services: (845) 225-7777
Westchester Wildlife: (914) 760-5713
New York Wildlife Commission: 518-402-8920
Westchester Police Department: (914) 864-7700

Squirrel Removal Pro Westchester is a professional pest control company that provides nuisance squirrel removal services in Westchester, NY. We humanely solve conflicts between people and squirrels, most commonly in the attics or walls of homes. We are a full-service nuisance wildlife control company servicing the greater Westchester region. We provide both residential and commercial services, and are fully licensed and insured in New York. In solving pest squirrel conflicts, we utilize a full array of services, from humane trapping and relocation, to squirrel prevention and damage repairs, to dead squirrell removal, attic cleanup, and more. We offer competitive pricing and the best service in Westchester. Every situation is different, so give us a call at 914-750-4925 now to discuss your wild animal problem, and get a price quote over the phone. We answer our phones 24-7-365, work on weekends, and can usually schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to solve your squirrel problem!

Will the city or county animal services help me with a squirrel issue?
Squirrel in your house or around your area is very alarming and the first thing that comes up to your mind is to call someone for help. There are what we called city or county animal services, but can they help you with dealing with this animal?

Who are city or county animal services?
There are services who can help you to deal with animal problems but who are they? What do they do?
• They will capture the animal moving and roaming around your area.
• If their sick animal, they can help you to bring them to hospitals.
• If your pet is lost, they can help you to find it and cure the wounds if they have.

Are they the right people?
Although their job description is dealing with animals, they are just focus on the home or domestic animals, they are not now capable of dealing with the rodent like a squirrel. It is now out of their job description.

What can they offer?
Still you can seek help from city and county animal services, but they are not the one to capture and get rid of the squirrel in your area. Most likely they will just lend you a cage to help you to trap and capture the rodent. Squirrels are not aggressive animals unless they feel threatened by you, so it is will not be hard for you to deal with this animal.

Other Trivia
Before they can help home owners in dealing with squirrels, but today their job description was changed because the tools that can be used to get rid of squirrels are expensive, the problem is too large and many people are seeking for their help that they cannot entertain anymore.