Squirrels in the Attic

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Squirrel Removal Pro Springfield is a professional pest control company that provides nuisance squirrel removal services in Springfield, MA. We humanely solve conflicts between people and squirrels, most commonly in the attics or walls of homes. We are a full-service nuisance wildlife control company servicing the greater Springfield region. We provide both residential and commercial services, and are fully licensed and insured in Massachusetts. In solving pest squirrel conflicts, we utilize a full array of services, from humane trapping and relocation, to squirrel prevention and damage repairs, to dead squirrell removal, attic cleanup, and more. We offer competitive pricing and the best service in Springfield. Every situation is different, so give us a call at 413-301-0554 now to discuss your wild animal problem, and get a price quote over the phone. We answer our phones 24-7-365, work on weekends, and can usually schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to solve your squirrel problem!

What diseases do squirrels carry?
Squirrels are generally able to live alongside humans since they rarely bite. However, they can seek shelter inside attics, especially during winter season. It might not be a grave problem but squirrels should be a cause for concern.

Squirrels Can Transmit Diseases to Humans
There are some states in the US and Canada that prohibit the relocation of squirrels. The reason for this is that squirrels can transmit diseases to property owners. They can bite if they feel threatened. Their wastes and excretions can also contain a lot of harmful bacteria. Here are some of the diseases that squirrels can spread

Lyme Disease
This disease is commonly brought by ticks. Squirrels can be a host to a variety of ticks because of their thick furs. Lyme disease can cause inflammation of the nerve cells, brain, and spinal cord. You might not be bitten by a squirrel, but you might find ticks in their dens which can bite you in turn.

It is known that most types of rodents carry this disease. Squirrels are not an exception. The bacterium Leptospirosa is commonly found in their urine. You may experience jaundice, rash, vomiting and high fever when you happen to have leptospirosis. This disease can also cause failure of the liver and damage to the kidneys.

This is commonly found in uncooked meat and egg products. Squirrels can contract this salmonella from garbage cans. The bacteria can stay in both human and animals' intestines for a time and they are spread by droppings. Typically, the symptoms can be stomach pain and vomiting. The patient will sometimes experience dehydration due to fever and intense sweating. If you live in a neighbourhood with a poor hygiene, seeing a squirrel should be a concern for you. You might not want to get diarrhea straight for 10 days that can turn to typhoid fever in extreme cases.

This disease is caused by the Francisellatularensis bacterium. This can be caused by food contamination, bites from animals or squirrel droppings. The bacteria is highly infectious and enters through the eyes, skin, or mouth. When you touch a dead squirrel that has tularemia, you are exposing yourself to the danger of this disease. Water supply can be contaminated if a contaminate squirrel drinks on it.

Best Way to Avoid the Diseases
Not all squirrels are carriers of these diseases. However, you should take all the necessary precautions in order to be safe from these diseases. Prevention is always better than cure. Even if you have successfully remove the squirrels from their den, it is still necessary to clean the place thoroughly.

Contact a Professional
If you have any reason to suspect that there might still be contamination and a possible way of contracting a disease, get in touch with a professional. They have the necessary tools and chemicals to remove the traces of wild animals in your property. A professional pest removal company can be your asset since they have the proper knowledge and experience on how to handle squirrels and other pests that might be hiding inside your home.