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What Should I Do if I Find an Orphaned Baby Squirrel Wandering about?
Baby squirrels are so cute that you want to adopt them and be your pet, but you know that is impossible and illegal. Some of mother squirrels tend to forget that they have babies that is why most of this little ones are left abandoned. Most of it that wandering about falls from its nest, so what should you do if you find one of this? Here is how;

Be observant
You cannot just quickly take the orphaned baby squirrel when you see it you must first observed to make sure of your actions, here is why
• The mother maybe just around the corner getting some food.
• Make sure that what you see is really a baby because squirrel is really small.
• Look for its nest.
• Look and observe if the baby squirrel is wounded or not.

Be cautious
Squirrels are squirrel they are animals that can't be kept so when you see an orphaned baby even if it is too cute you don't have to keep them in your house. Be cautious when you see them, just leave for a while near the tree that you saw it the mother may come back for her baby.

Call Someone
If there is no mother squirrel still show up in the area, you may call someone from the wildlife center they know how to take care of this situation and they will be the one to take care of the baby until it is old enough to be in the wild.

For their Welfare
They need to rehabilitate first for foods, care and shelter until they can live on their own in the wild life. Give it to someone who knows the welfare of the orphaned baby squirrel.