How to get squirrels out of a wall

If you want to get squirrels out of the wall, you need to know first why they chose to be in the wall. The wall is safe, warm and dry, and it looks like a big hollow tree. However, most of the time, the squirrel in the wall can be a female with her litter.

However, if you have squirrels in the attic, it will not be a simple task to remove them. You need to remove the babies manually away from the attic and then trap and exclude the squirrels with special mounted traps at the entry holes or at the roof.

The first step is to ensure that there are no baby squirrels inside. The squirrels will have two litters each year. For a six week span starting from August to mid-September, there will be mostly baby squirrels around. After this time, the babies will start to run after their mother and the noise will start to increase. This is mostly when people will find out that they have the squirrels around. The winter litter will be born in February up to mid-March. If you see that there is one squirrel, then it can be a female either about to have children or with children already.

If you do not want to kill the squirrels, you will need to trap them all and relocate them. You can also use a one-way exclusion method if you know where they are. However, the babies have to be removed with the mother or they will die in the wall, rot and then stink.

If you want to get rid of the squirrels in the walls, you have to know the place they use to enter into the walls. It is good to do an inspection of the entire house from top to bottom to find the holes which the squirrels are using to get out. After this you should then use a trap at the hole and they will get caught when they go out to get water or food. If you use the one-way exclusion method, they will go out but they will not come back. You can use a cage also to trap the squirrels, but keep in mind that trapping is an art. Just put it at the right location like at the roof and use the best trap which is bought from a professional. You have to use the right bait and good settings for the trap.

You can wait for some time and see if the squirrels will choose to go away on their own. However, this is not recommended since there is no evidence if they are planning to go away and how long they will stay away.

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How to get squirrels out of a wall