What are some of the symptoms of a sick squirrel?

Regardless if there is a sign of injury or illness, it is important to look for shock and dehydration factors. A squirrel should not get too cold, and for the youngsters this can be fatal. You should not feed the squirrel if it is too cold or in shock.

Water is important for the squirrel’s digestion, and it is found in the reserves of the body. When it has been depleted, then all the functions of the body are going to be affected. You can check the nose of the squirrel to see if it is moist or not, and if it is possible, you have to check if the mouth is wet or not for dehydration.

It is hard to diagnose the shock. When you think that the squirrel has suffered from shock, you have to offer warmth which is at the right level, darkness and the quietness with shelter if you see that the squirrel does not require emergency care. You should not cause more stress to the squirrel.

The squirrel may suffer from different types of diseases, and they are not understood easily by vets who will mostly prescribe them antibiotics. The prime aim when you find a squirrel is to know how to diagnose if it is sick or not. You have to pay attention to any:

  • Wheezing, shivering, sickness, coughing and sneezing
  • Discharge in the mouth, nose, eyes and ears
  • Lesions, rashes, scabs
  • Passing of blood or diarrhea
  • Evidence of the parasites which include the flea burden
  • Spasms, wobbling and seizures
  • Overgrown incisors
If the animal has been injured, the signs can be broken bones, bleeding, abscesses and flesh wounds. The minor injuries like scratches, bites and cuts can be dealt with through care and patience. You can clean the wound with a saline solution or table salt and water. You can treat the wounds using a small amount of germolene and savlon and a similar antiseptic. When the squirrel is not healthy, it may lay eggs on the wound. You need to remove the eggs using tweezers since they may hatch and the maggots may lead to a problem. When you do not know the extent of the wound, take it to a vet.

The majority of the young squirrels may have been caught by a cat or dog or they may fall down from the nest. The young may have injuries like puncture wounds, and if an injury is serious, then the squirrel will be in distress and you need to take it to a vet. If it is a cat that got the squirrel, you have to give it an antibiotic since cat saliva can be fatal when it has reached the bloodstream.

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What are some of the symptoms of a sick squirrel?