What to do about a squirrel on the roof?

Wild squirrels that come into suburban or urban areas may cause problems, and even those that live in the countryside may have a problem with a squirrel on the roof. Even if the roofing material is durable and can resist the damage from the weather as the seasons pass, the squirrel can cause damage since the roof has not been designed to deal with the regular contact of animals. The squirrels may use their dexterous paws in order to cause damage, and they will be able to enter into the roof space. This is why you have to make sure that you get rid of the squirrel as soon as you see it on the roof.

When the squirrel is stuck on the roof, you should have sympathy for it since it can be easy for it to climb on the roof but harder to get back down. When the squirrel looks healthy, you should just put a plank of wood at the edge of the roof so that the squirrel can use it to come down. When the squirrel is too timid to try to come down on its own, you may try to help it by catching it, but this is a challenge on its own. Before you do this, you have to wear thick gloves and protective clothing.

The squirrel has developed climbing skills as a survival mechanism, and the flying squirrels can decide to be on the roof for different reasons. In some cases, they are getting insects off the roof so that they can eat them, or they may have found an access point which will allow them to enter into the roof space or in the attic. When you see such animals on your roof, you have to observe them to see if they are finding a way to enter into a roof cavity. When they do this, you have to take action to limit the damage they will cause.

When the squirrel on the roof has been injured, then you have to make sure that you do not put yourself in harm’s way. You should use a strong laundry basket or a sturdy box to get the animal down and then calm it using a blanket. Afterwards, take it to a nearby vet. If they cannot help the animal, they will give it a merciful death.

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What to do about a squirrel on the roof?