How to keep squirrels out of my garden

With their acrobatic maneuvers and feisty chattering, squirrels will inspire smiles and laughter. However, the gardeners can find beds that have been dug up and their tomatoes chewed by the bushy tailed critters. This will lead to frustration and a desire to learn how to keep such squirrels away from the garden.

The squirrels are known to eat nuts and birdseed, and they can also feast on tree buds, leaves, flowers, berries, fruits and seedlings. The squirrels’ incisors do not stop growing, so they will gnaw on anything they find so that they can keep the teeth short.

The squirrels are common within landscaping trees. While you may try to keep the squirrel out of the yard, it can be better to learn how you can outsmart them. You may try some of the strategies available to make sure that the squirrels are kept away from the garden, but also keep in mind that what may work for some types of squirrels may not work for others.

Make sure that you have removed what attracts the squirrels. The smell or the sight of fallen fruits, seeds and nuts may lure the squirrels into the yard to feed on them. Ensure that the lids on the trash fit in a secure manner in order to keep the squirrels from coming to look for treats in them.

Search online where you can find different recipes to repel the squirrels. They can include capsaicin found in hot peppers. Other ingredients are peppermint oil and vinegar. People may have differing success when it comes to how to apply these homemade remedies, and you should not spray them on the plants which you want to eat soon. There are also commercial repellent granules or sprays that you can sprinkle on the garden.

You may set up a decoy food station that features the food that squirrels like such as feed corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds far from the garden. The gardeners may plant real tomatoes which squirrels can feed on, and you have to make sure that there is water there.

A cat or dog in the yard may scare the squirrels away, and it keeps them from settling down in the garden. If you do not have a dog, you may use predator pee like that of a tiger and wolf. The scent will terrify the squirrels. You should reapply it after it rains. You can also exclude the squirrels using a cover or a cage over the plants. You can use chicken wire, plastic bird netting and hardware cloth.

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How to keep squirrels out of my garden