How to Get Rid of Flying Squirrels

Even if there are many types of squirrels, the most common are the tree squirrels. They are nuisance animals, and homeowners try everything they can to keep them away, especially since they can live in the attic and they may cause much damage. The squirrels will be discovered when they make too much noise in the place where they live. The squirrels are in large number while in the wild, and since their numbers exceed the number of their predators, they thrive. There are a large number of squirrels with a decreasing natural habitat because of the construction in many areas; it can cause the squirrels to make their homes in people’s houses. The cool months in winter and fall make the squirrel look for warmth in the attic.

To keep the squirrels away, you should keep the following recommendations in mind.

-Remove diet sources like bird seed, for example, since they may attract squirrels.
- Use gutter guards and also cover the down spouts to reduce the amount of squirrels that will enter through a roof top area.
- You cannot find any poison bait in the market which squirrels can eat and then die. You will not find a squirrel poison, just rat and mice bait.
- Put the trap on the entry path or any other place where you know that the squirrels like to forage. You need to ask about the local ordinances concerned with trapping the squirrels since they will be different from one place to another. In some places, you will need a license to capture squirrels and relocate them.
- To relocate the squirrels, you should take them at least 5 miles away or it can come back.
- Trapping the squirrel can be the only method available for you if the squirrels are in the attic.
- You need to seal up and repair the entry points if you have finished trapping the squirrels so that more squirrels do not come back.

To prevent the squirrels:
- You have to trim the branches which overhang at the roofline.
- You should remove any firewood stacked against a building.
- If you see any crack in the foundation wall, it has to be repaired.
- You should seal the entry points of the squirrels.

You can use an exclusion product like mesh wool and fill fabric to close the openings and holes. Smaller openings can be closed by foam.

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How to Get Rid of Flying Squirrels