How to keep squirrels out of my bird feeder

The squirrel is notorious as a pest, and it can steal the food that is put outside for birds. If you want, you have to learn how to keep these rodents out of the bird feeder. You may put a feeder on a long wire and then hang it between two trees, far away from the low branches. You may string thread spools down on the wire so that they can act like a deterrent even further.

When a bird feeder is found on a pole and you are being pestered by the squirrels that steal seeds, you can go to a pet store where you can get a squirrel baffle. The plastic dome will be attached under a feeder. It will curve downward and away from a feeder, and it will provide a barrier against an upwardly mobile squirrel. You need to make sure that a baffle is put high enough so that a squirrel will not jump over it.

When you have a squirrel around, they are going to assume that everything that you put outside is theirs. They will not understand the difference that exists between the squirrel feeder and bird feeder. They will always feed where they find their favorite foods. The squirrels are fun and cute to watch, but they may end up dominating the bird feeder and they can destroy it. However, you do not have to despair since it is simple to keep them away from the bird feeder for good. The squirrels are known to be territorial, and if they are fed in one place away from the bird feeder, they can make this area their own and they can protect it against other squirrels that can enter into that place. You can put their favorite food in their feeder like cracked corn, sunflower seeds and raw peanuts.

If you want to keep the squirrels away, you have to learn a few rules. They are able to jump at least 5 to 6 feet high and they can reach the top of a house or tree. If they have running space, they may jump higher than this. The squirrels are known to be problem solvers. When you think that you have beaten them, they can find a way to beat you on their turn. Know that you will have to adjust something at the beginning and try different methods.

If everything you have tried did not work, you may try elaborate feeders that are available in order to foil away such fury bandits. They should have a cage protecting the feeder from the squirrels while they allow smaller birds to enter. The squirrels do not like safflower; you can start to feed your birds this type of seeds.

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How to keep squirrels out of my bird feeder