What does squirrel feces look like?

The squirrel feces are oblong pellets, and they are at least 3/8 inches long and at least 1/8 inches in diameter. They have rounded tips and are slightly bulging in the center with a size variance. The fresh one looks dark brown and they are lighter as they age. They look the same as that of the rats, but it is fatter and will be lighter as the time passes.

The feces of the squirrel may cause health risks and disease concerns like salmonella and leptospirosis. Many people do not like the idea of animal droppings in their home, and it is not a matter that they want to discuss. This is important, however, if you want to know if you have rats or squirrels in your home. There are some key factors which may help you in making the identification.

The droppings of the rats and the squirrels are the same at a glance. The color is useful when it comes to figuring out which rodents you have. In many cases, the squirrel feces look paler compared to rats’ since the squirrels do not have the same diverse diet as that of the rats. The stool of the opportunistic rats is normally blackish and darker while that of the squirrel is red and brownish.

The shape difference may help in distinguishing between the droppings of the animals. The feces of the squirrel is barrel-like and it looks bigger compared to that of the rat even if it is not by much. Its texture also seems to level up at the surface. The rat droppings, on the other hand, are rectangular and oblong. The stool of the animal matter is compared to a raisin in its size and outline.

The edges are normally the clue that can help you tell the feces of the squirrel and that of the rats apart. The rat dropping are pointier at the sides and they are thicker in the middle. The squirrel droppings normally are softer and have circular sides. The droppings of the squirrels may appear to cluster in one spot. The rat droppings tend to be spread in different places. Even if you may not see the squirrels moving around in the home, when you see the squirrel droppings, it is a sure way to know that you have squirrel problems around.

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What does squirrel feces look like?