How to find and remove a dead squirrel in a house

Sometimes wild animals may die while on your property, or if they are living in the house, they can die in the wall or in the attic.

You will know that you have a squirrel that died in your home because of a terrible odor and the possible presence of swarms of flies. You may have to remove it to get rid of the health risks and the carcass stains on the wall or ceiling.

When the squirrels die, the first step of decomposition starts to take place in the body immediately. The fluid drains at the lower point of a body, and this results in discoloration and stiffness. The PH of the body starts changing and cells will start to breakdown. Since the body does not have any natural defense anymore, the oxygen in the body will be broken down by microorganisms. The breakdown of the cellular materials will result in a terrible odor which will be associated with the deceased animals. The smell will go away only when the decomposition has been complete and the body remains have dried out. The process can take weeks or months depending on the size of the animal.

When you remove the carcass of the squirrel, the odor will go away. The task is normally easier said than done. The animal carcass is often hidden in the cervices of the home or within the layers of the sheetrock. You need to have knowledge about wildlife removal in order to be able to narrow down the location enough for an easy removal. When you take the sledge hammer through the wall, you have to be sure of the location of the carcass so that you can reduce the cost of the repair, and it may be more than just paying the professional to do the job for you. The professional knows how to locate the animal well, and they can get it through the attic or down in a wall or cut a precise and small hole in a wall.

When the animal has been removed, then there are some fluids and microorganism that will remain. Any areas which have been affected have to be cleaned using an enzymatic wash. If there is any dry wall, wood, or insulation which has been saturated from the fluids of the animal that was decomposed, it has to be replaced or removed.

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How to find and remove a dead squirrel in a house