Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

It may be easy to ensure that squirrels do not enter into your home, but it is hard to prevent them from chewing on a bird feeder, wood and even materials that are not metal on your home. The squirrels have to keep their teeth, which will not stop growing, in check, and this is why they will have to chew and gnaw continuously. They will gather sticks and will break wood with their teeth. They can get within a hole, walls or attic since they are safe places for the squirrels, mostly when a mother will have to feed her children.

For homeowners who want to keep the squirrels away, you may paint the wood using hot sauces or you can sprinkle chili powder in order to burn the tongue of the squirrels. Begin at the place where the squirrels like to chew. You may also try using over the counter products on the wood; however, they have to be applied regularly since they may be washed off.

The problem with the squirrel is that if they are not able to find the wood in the wild but they find your house, they will chew on the hard surfaces. In the wild, they will chew on acorns, seeds and nuts, but if they cannot find them, they look for an alternative. They are going to chew on any wood they get their paws on like bars of patios and wood siding.

When the squirrels chew on the wood, this will lead to some serious damage on the house, especially if the house is made with wood for the most part. The squirrels should be kept away from the rooftops and attics. Before closing any hole you find on the home, you should ensure that you are not closing the squirrels inside. If the squirrels are closed inside, then they will chew on anything so that they can get a hole to get out. It will lead to more damage, and it may cost you even more in repairing the damage. You may use traps within the house and improvise using a pipe at the opening so that they will fail to come back in the house. The pipe should have a 45 degree angle, and you may use chimney traps in order to secure a house top to avoid damage. There are also some repellents available that you can use to keep the squirrels away so that they do not climb on the house.

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Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?