What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?

When you have trapped a squirrel, the experts in your area may recommend that you release it or kill it. Sometimes the trapped animals have to be killed through shooting or other methods, and other times they can be successfully relocated.

Poisoning a squirrel should not be an option since it will take a long time and it is hard to know where they will go to die. You may take the squirrel to a vet and they will take care of the animal. You may also check if there is any local shelter which will take the squirrel in.

Shooting sometimes can be illegal according to the laws in your state. Using ammunition and firearms may also pose a risk to other people and animals around and the user. Shooting is only allowed for someone who is a professional in dealing with firearms.

A glue board is a board that has pressure-sensitive glue. The idea behind this is that the squirrel will step on it, and it will be entangled even more while trying to get off of this board. It will then be entrapped completely. You can wait until it dies on its own or you can help it to die faster. However, sometimes when an animal is trapped partially, it may chew its leg off to be free. This is an inhumane method that is not recommended.

If you want to kill the squirrel with a trap, it has to be heavy duty in order to kill a healthy adult squirrel. Keep in mind that if you miss the squirrel once, you will have a hard time trapping it in the future.

Freezing can be done, but it is a gruesome and slow death for an animal. It will also be off-putting to put the squirrel in the freezer where you put your food. You can also use gassing, but you need to be careful when it comes to using this method since you may end up injuring the people or pets around you. Using carbon monoxide is dangerous to the user, so it has to be done in an open area. Other types of gasses to use are xenon, argon and krypton. Because they are heavier compared to the air, you have to get the right container to keep the squirrel so that it can be deep enough for the squirrel and the gas. You may also try the drowning option.

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What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?