What if a squirrel got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?

When squirrels are in the woodlands, they look cute, but it is a different issue when they are in your home. The squirrel has fleas and ticks, and they can be transmitted to the household pets and to you. The squirrels, like many rodents, will spray their urine and feces where they live, and this leads to a salmonella risk. If the squirrel is already in your home, then you may purge it out without causing too much harm.

When you see the squirrel in your bedroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your house, you should stay calm since the squirrel is already as scared as you are. While you want the squirrel to go out, it is also looking for how it can go out to its environment. Animals do have an anxious response to humans, and they can respond aggressively when they see threats. When you stay calm, you can prevent a trapped squirrel from becoming aggressive. A squirrel may turn erratic since it will not be sure of what it has to do in your house since it is foreign to it. On rare occasions, the squirrel may be rabid and you have to be careful so that it does not bite you.

You should isolate a squirrel when it is possible and then separate it away from the pets. You have to keep the pets away from the squirrels to avoid any transmission of diseases, ticks and fleas.

Learn if the mother has her babies in the house. When you evict the mother squirrel while her babies are nested and trapped inside, she will expand the effort to get the babies back. The mother squirrel will fear for its babies and it can attack easily. To find out if there are babies, you should look all around where the squirrel is to see if there is a nest. Make noise and then keep calm. You may end up hearing the noise of the young squirrels. The breeding time of squirrels is from February to May and August to October. If the squirrels are young, you have to wait for some time before you evict the squirrels away from the home.

Encourage the squirrel to leave: close all routes and only leave one single exit away from the house. Close the hiding spots but at the same time keep your distance. The nooks, crannies, cupboards and drawers can be used by the squirrels since they look like its nest, knothole and any other natural habitat. When you close all of them, then you are preventing intruding squirrels from getting into these hiding spaces. Make sure that there is no source of food nearby to avoid the coming of the squirrels, especially if it is during a drought or winter.

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What if a squirrel got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?