What is the best bait to trap a squirrel?

The best bait to use to trap a squirrel is peanuts, and peanut butter is also good, so you may use a combination of the two. You can use peanut butter on the trap pan and then stick peanuts on its top. When a squirrel is stuck inside your building, it will want to get moisture more than anything, so you can use an orange as bait. It gives off a strong aroma and it contains water. However, when it comes to trapping the squirrels, the bait will not matter that much. In some cases, you may not need to use bait. While using a one way door to get the squirrels out, there is no bait needed.

When you have a squirrel on the property or in the home, you will want to get rid of it as quickly as you can. You can set traps, but these traps will be ineffective if you are not using the right bait. There is no way that you should expect that squirrels will decide to enter a trap when there is nothing in it. Besides learning about the bait, you also have to learn about the right place to put the trap. The bait does not work when the squirrel fails to see it or smell it.

If you want to bait the squirrels in the easiest possible manner, you should go to the pantry and get the peanut butter. It is the most effective bait that you can find around. Squirrels also love nuts, and this is why the peanut butter will work well. When you see that the squirrels you are trapping are not interested in the peanut butter, you can use sunflower seeds or peanuts. You should not take them out of their shell. You should ensure that they were not salted as well. As mentioned before, you may also use both the peanuts and peanut butter while trapping the squirrel. You can put the nuts within the trap and then spread the peanut butter at the trigger mechanism.

It is not advised to bait the squirrels with poison. This can be a problem if the squirrel does not find the bait but a dog or another pet finds it. When the squirrels find the bait, they may eat it and go back in their den, and when they die there, you will have to deal with the terrible smell.

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What is the best bait to trap a squirrel?