How do I know if there are baby squirrels in the attic?

Most of the time, the mother squirrels will build their nests in an attic, and this is especially when they want to give birth. If they want to get a more secure place, they will choose to be near the unscreened vents. One sign that you have squirrels in the attic are the sounds that they are going to produce in the day. You can hear the scampering and continuous scratching noises. This is the way that you can know if you have baby or adult squirrels.

When it is a mother squirrel, you can see the nest that has been built with leaves, insulation and cardboard. You need to be extra careful since it is possible that there are already babies in such nests. While the babies are still too young, they cannot make any noise since they will be in the nests and they will not move around. When the babies grow up a little, they can be active and they will be moving around, jumping around and producing voices. When you find them, you may decide to give them time to grow up or you can get rid of them at once.

The squirrels can be a nuisance, and you can be forced at one point to get rid of the squirrels before the babies mature. It is a challenging procedure since you will need to be extra careful and remove them so that you may not hurt them. You have to start by looking for the hole which the squirrels use to enter into the attic. If you wish to get rid of the squirrels, you have to block all the entry holes and only leave one opening so that you can let the squirrels leave on their own. If the mother has left, you may remove the squirrels without hurting them. The babies are harmless, so you can get them using the hands and put them in a bucket and relocate them so that the mother may find them.

If the mother has not given birth yet, you may scare it away so that it looks for somewhere else to give birth. You may bang the rafters, play loud music in the night or soak cotton balls in cider vinegar. It is important that you identify which type of squirrels has invaded the attic in order to come up with the right technique to keep them away. If you are not aware of what to do, you may contact a professional who can do the work for you or who can give you advice. Always make sure that the babies are kept with the mother after removing them.

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How do I know if there are baby squirrels in the attic?