What attracts squirrels?

Just like every animal, squirrels will be attracted to any location if they can get resources they need for their life there. These resources are water, food and habitat. Squirrels are omnivores, which means they can eat all types of food when it comes to survival, although they do have preferences, just as any animal does. In the case of squirrels, they prefer eating nuts, corn, seeds, sunflowers, and peanuts, but will also accept fruits, flowers, mushrooms, leaves, eggs, insects and so on. Squirrels love bright-colored vegetables, such as broccoli, peas, yellow squash, and carrots, so you will also attract them by placing these vegetables in the feeder along with the nuts and sunflower seeds.

Also, don't be surprised if you see a squirrel taking baby birds from nests and eating them, or if you see a squirrel eating from a bird feeder – they are very skilful when it comes to looking for food. If you don't want squirrels to eat the food you have left for birds, then make sure to get a squirrel-proof feeder.

In order to be sure that you will attract squirrels but they will not eat the food you have left for birds, place food in separate feeders and make sure to direct the squirrel’s attention to the one intended for them by placing unattractive food for them in the bird feeder, such as the seed of safflower.

Squirrels make their home in tree trunks and shrubs, and when you provide them with such attractive locations, you will motivate them to stay on your property and to build their home there. They prefer trees with wide crops, such as hickory and oak trees. Of course, if you don't have oak or hickory trees, this doesn't mean that you can't expect a squirrel to inhabit your property – they are rather adaptable and will often make their home in any tree that is large enough to provide them with a modest home.

Another important feature when it comes to attracting squirrels is to provide a source of fresh water. A fountain or bird bath will be a good choice in this case, as long as you make sure that water is always present and that it is fresh.

Squirrels don't like large open spaces, so in order to attract them to your property, it is important that at least part of it has tall grass, bushes, trees and thick vegetation in general.

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What attracts squirrels?