What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?

Squirrels in the attic are a concern of many people, especially since they will gnaw at the boards and on the electrical wires. Normally, the problem will be complicated by nesting adult females. They are going to build their nests near an opening like at an unscreened vent or at a loose or rotten trim board. The first sign that will show you that you have squirrels in your attic is the sound of scampering in the day when they come and go on foraging trips. The juvenile squirrels and adults can fall in the wall cavities and they will not be able to climb out. They make persistent scratching noises when they are trying to escape, and they may end up dying in that place if they are not able to get out.

You should look first for the entry points of the squirrel in order to find the opening which the squirrels use to enter into the attic. You have to inspect the exterior roof, vents and eaves.

While looking for the nest, look if it is a mother squirrel with its young. Try locating the nest by looking where you can find eaves, cardboard and insulation materials. You are likely to find babies if it is February to May or August to October. If the babies are present, you have to wait until the babies are old enough so that they can leave together with the mother. They are not going to survive when they are on their own. You should not relocate a squirrel with babies on your own.

If you are not able to wait to the time that the mother with the babies can leave alone, you can hire a professional who is aware of how they can reunite the mothers with the offspring after the relocation. If the nests have no baby, you can frighten the adults so that they will go away. You can try to bang the rafters in the attic or speak loudly. You may also try using bright light in the attic and playing the radio all the time. Use rags soaked in cider vinegar in the attic. You can wait and close the entries when you are sure that the squirrels have left to find food. Always seal the entries when you are completely sure that there are no squirrels or baby squirrels in the attic.

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What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?